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Web Solutions with Our Managed Hosting Services

We Handle Your Website Hosting, Monitoring, and Management — so you can focus on getting business done.


For just $150 per month, our Managed Hosting Services take the hassle out of website management. From hosting and monitoring to updates and reviews, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs.

Stress-free Hosting

With our managed services, enjoy hassle-free hosting inclusive of server and plugin management.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Rest easy knowing your site is under constant watch, with regular backups to protect your valuable data.

SSL Secure

We include an SSL certificate to ensure your site’s security and your visitor’s trust.

Domain Registration

With us, your domain name is free, and we handle its monitoring and renewal.

Email Management

Simplify your operations with our optional email management feature, complete with a personalized email address.

Regular Website Updates

We provide monthly updates to keep your website fresh, relevant, and engaging for your audience.

Empower Your Brand

Elevate Your Message with Reinforcement Statements!

Not only will our Managed Hosting Services simplify your online operations, but it’ll also help boost your brand’s reputation and online presence. With tools like Greencheck AI Monitoring, premium WordPress plugins, and our Get Stars Review Management, we ensure your website stays functional, attractive, and secure.
Don’t let the hassle of website management distract you from pushing your business forward. Let us handle your online operations so you can concentrate on your core business.

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Included in the $150 package

Transforming Digital Landscapes: Our Cutting-Edge Strategies Elevate Your Brand’s Online Presence. With Data-Driven Precision and Creative Ingenuity, We Drive Results That Speak Louder Than Words!

Comprehensive Website Hosting

With our managed services, enjoy hassle-free hosting inclusive of server and plugin management.

Managed Service

Hassle-free management of servers, plugins, and other essential website components.

Proactive Monitoring

Our tech wizards keep a close watch on your site, making sure it’s running smoothly day and night. Sleep easy knowing we’re on the lookout!

Daily Backups

We take daily snapshots of your site. It’s like having a safety net, making sure none of your precious data takes a tumble.

SSL Certificate Inclusion

With our complimentary SSL certificate, your visitors will know your site is a safe place to hang out.

Get Stars Review Management

Boost your site’s reputation with streamlined review solicitation, collection, and reporting. Our AI-generated replies help manage customer feedback effectively, while social media sharing spreads the good word about your business.

Greencheck AI Monitoring

A suite of tools that keeps a watchful eye on your site’s health. From website performance and SEO score to broken links and spell-checks, Greencheck ensures every aspect of your digital presence is running smoothly and securely.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Enhance your site’s functionality with premium plugins like WP Rocket, AIOSEO, Fluent Forms Pro, and Divi Supreme Pro, offering speed, SEO optimization, customizable forms, and design enhancements right out of the gate.

Domain Registration

Your unique domain name is on us!
(yourcompany.com if available)
It’s your site’s own special name tag in the vast online playground. Already have a domain, we’ll take care of monitoring and renewal.

Email Management

Opt in for our email management and say goodbye to email headaches. It’s like having your own postmaster in the digital world. (you@yourcompany.com). Includes 1 email address.

Monthly Website Updates (1 hour)

We’re here to manage your website, offering a monthly update option to keep it spruced up and inviting. Think of it as a spa day for your site! Have an update or a change in mind? A new image or fresh content to showcase? Just email us, and we’ll handle it for you. This hour is reserved specifically for this purpose, giving you the flexibility to keep your digital presence polished and welcoming. Don’t need updates this month? That’s okay too! Your hour remains an option, available whenever you need it, ensuring your site stays in tip-top shape.

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