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Unlocking the Power of Software: Transforming Ideas into Seamless Solutions.

Welcome to Outrank Strategy’s software hub!

While we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive SEO services, this page is dedicated to showcasing our suite of innovative software tools. We understand that sometimes businesses are just searching for the right software solutions, and we’re here to offer just that. Our range of products spans multiple sites, each tailored to enhance different facets of your online presence. Whether you’re looking for review management, monitoring tools, geo-targeting solutions, or even social media videos, we’ve got you covered. Dive in to explore our specialized software designed to elevate your digital marketing strategy.

Web Monitoring. $19/mo

Software: Greencheck
Our Greencheck Monitors offer a comprehensive suite of tools to ensure your website operates optimally and securely. This program includes uptime monitoring, SEO oversight, link validation, and SSL/TLS certificate surveillance to safeguard your site’s integrity. Additionally, it tracks backlinks and reviews to boost your online visibility and customer engagement. Designed to enhance your digital presence without the need for complex installations, our service streamlines website maintenance effectively.

Social Media Video Posts. $250/mo

Software: LocalVideoTips
Our Social Media Video Posts program offers a dynamic approach to keeping your social media engaging and relevant. We provide 90 unbranded video tips specific to your industry, posting five each week. After cycling through all 90 tips, we restart the sequence to ensure your content remains fresh and lively with valuable, continuous video updates. Optionally, branding these videos with your name, logo, website, and phone number is available for an initial cost of $1200 for the first four months, after which the price adjusts to $300 per month for ongoing reposting. Available industries: Pest Control, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing (Please discuss with us if you need a different industry).

Geo Local Mapping. $299/mo

Software: Geomywebsite

Our software, GeoMyWebsite, is specifically tailored for local service businesses that offer in-home services. This tool allows technicians to upload photos directly from job sites, tag them with relevant keywords, and geolocate each image. These images are then plotted on a map and integrated into your business website, enhancing your local SEO efforts with Google. Priced at $299 a month, GeoMyWebsite offers a cost-effective solution compared to similar services that may charge around $600 a month.

Get Stars Review Management $39/mo

Software: GetStars

(invitations, collection, website widget, AI responses, social posting)
Our Get Stars Review program is designed to enhance your online presence by managing the solicitation, collection, and posting of customer reviews. For just $39 per month, this service includes a web widget for displaying reviews, automated responses to feedback, and capabilities for sharing positive reviews on social media platforms. This comprehensive solution helps businesses boost their reputation and engage more effectively with their customers.

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